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A refinance replaces your old home loan with a new home loan that is more favorable. You could lower your monthly payments, shorten or lengthen the life of your loan, or even get extra cash out of your home to pay off other expenses. If your current home loan could use some improvement, then it’s worth your time to consider refinancing. The first thing to figure out is your goal. Knowing what you want out of your loan and what your future plans are with your home will give you a better idea of which refinance option is best for you.

Home Goals and Market Rates

Several factors will tell you whether now is the right or wrong time to refinance. One is your home goals. Ask yourself what you want: lower payments? Extra cash? Consolidated debt? Faster payoff time? After you’ve figured out what you need your refinance to do, inquire about market interest rates. If market interest rates are low, or if the market presents a potential opportunity for you to lower your rate, lock in a rate with your lender as soon as possible; market rates fluctuate frequently.


Prequalifying for a home loan refinance is simple. In this step, we can get a good idea of whether you will qualify for a refinance with us and how much you qualify for. All that’s needed for pre-qualification is general information about your loan amount, credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and a few other things. At this point, we don’t need verifying documents, just an educated guess as to your qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How much does it cost to refinance?


Closing costs vary depending on the type of loan program you’re doing. With some programs, it is possible to finance all of your closing costs into the total loan amount. However, keep in mind that paying less in closing costs generally means you’re paying more in interest and vice versa.


2. How long do I have to wait to refinance again?


Some programs require you to wait a specified amount of time before refinancing again, so be sure to ask us what time limits apply in your situation. Additionally, some lenders have prepayments penalties that may prevent you from refinancing too quickly after your first loan. However, we do not have any prepayment penalties in place.

The most important factor to consider when deciding how often to refinance is how much that refinance will cost or save you. For example, you may be able to get a lower interest rate with another refinance, but closing costs may mean you don’t break even for several years.


3. What documents do I need to provide my lender with?


Typical documents include copies of your homeowners’ insurance, title insurance, asset information, and W-2 forms as well as proof of income. To get the full list of required documents, prequalify now or contact us.


4. How does equity affect refinances?


Equity can affect how much money you can get out of your home as well as what kind of interest rate you qualify for. While going through the loan application process, we will be able to tell you how your equity will affect your refinance specifically. Just fill out our form on the right to get started.

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